Eco-Bio-Diplomacy authors consider that  the economists, ecologists, biologists, physicians, physicists, chemists, engineers, biodiversity experts, sustainable development experts, bio-thahnologies and agricultural sciences experts, environmentalists,  inventors, researchers, psychologists, businessmen, social economy operators, governance representatives together with experts in the management, marketing, total quality management, kaizen, and other professionals from various fields related to life sciences must collaborate with the diplomats […]

The repeated warnings voiced by the scientific community during the past few decades have begun to be confirmed by real events, which have been noted both by political leaders and by the informed public. Climate change, the persistent occurrence of frequent and intense meteorological events, and the recurring crises caused by limited access to resources all convincingly demonstrate that we are approaching the end of a developmental cycle based on a flawed model, which is placing in peril the survival of humanity on its single planet. The political world must now take into consideration the need for a developmental paradigm shift and develop an arsenal of new strategies and tools better adapted to the current state of affairs.

The worst political response of a local community when its major existence resources are taken, it is – the abandonment, meaning the abandonment of hope, that who dies the last one-… The idea of a sustainable development must not be fetishized, this must be a fundamental principle that take into account the essential needs of the communities of the generations to come. We must draw an inventory and eventually we should make a selection of those human actions, which allow reproduction, avoiding the loss of natural resources. Those who come after us, are our children, our grandchildren, so the dearest and the most beloved to us, they are the future generation.

It is reassuring in this context to note that at the beginning of XXI century, scientists in Romania are at the forefront to foreshadow a future economy in the service of all people. In this elite echelon we frame the scientific approach of prof. univ.PhD.dr.h.c. Alexandru T. Bogdan, correspondent member to the Romanian Academy, which, together with dipl. eng. Dana Comşa, published this study, “Eco-Bio-Diplomacy a new concept for Smart Sustainable Development in a globalized world, in the context of the Eco-Bio-Economy “.

We assess the work of the authors as a significant step ahead for the education of the new generations of leaders, politicians, diplomats, managers and of the mentality of each citizen. These are the top necessary coordinates for the development of the management and for the future of the economy, all this must be continued… by facts!

Bilingual book (content)
Academy of Romanian Scientists - The Publishing House
ISBN 978-606-8371-61-0